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Clinical Data Warehouse to Boost Research Efforts, Personalize Medicine


A central piece of HSSC’s health informatics infrastructure has launched: the Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW). Part of the South Carolina Integrated Platform for Research (SCIPR), the CDW aggregates real-time clinical data from across HSSC’s member hospitals.


The CDW is a unique resource for healthcare researchers and providers in South Carolina. It allows researchers to access large amounts of patient data (with personal identifiers removed) that will contribute to easier execution of cohort analysis and power research. Meanwhile, it will allow providers to have instant access to a full range of clinical data about their patients, such as lab tests, medication lists, diagnoses, and discharge summaries.


The CDW will ultimately be connected to the statewide biorepository that is also part of the SCIPR. This will open up further research opportunities, as researchers access a database of tissue specimens categorized by appropriate phenotypic and genotypic characteristics. These tissue specimens will be linked with the appropriate clinical data in the CDW.


Ultimately, the CDW and related infrastructure, including the biorepository and a research permission management system, will combine with advances in genomics research to support the greater personalization of medicine across South Carolina. Healthcare providers will be able to make care recommendations based on a person’s phenotype and genotype, which will be available to the provider at the point of care.


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