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eIRB Technology Enhances Research Efficiency and Cooperation


HSSC’s electronic institutional review board (eIRB) system is now operational in all six HSSC supporting organizations. The eIRB system allows researchers to complete critical paperwork for clinical trials online, making the administrative aspects of research faster and easier and supporting collaborative research among HSSC member organizations. South Carolina is among the first states in the nation to implement such a system.

Traditionally, a review board will use paper-based submissions to evaluate the efficacy and safety of clinical trials involving human subjects. The eIRB system is a paperless way for the health research community to submit, track, and review required scientific, regulatory, and compliance information and to share information about amendments, protocol events, and continuing reviews. The eIRB system is efficient, secure and environmentally friendly. It also makes HSSC and South Carolina more competitive in attracting research funding and commercial clinical trials.


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