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Health Sciences South Carolina is Honored with the 2005 Palmetto Vision Award


HSSC was presented with the Palmetto Vision Award on November 3rd at the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce’s 26th Annual Summit in Greenville, S.C., for its vision of using health sciences research to drive advances in the economic wellbeing and health status of South Carolina.

South Carolina Chamber of Commerce Chairman Mack Whittle cited the uniqueness of the HSSC collaboration and the partners’ ability to look beyond regional boundaries to enact change.

“There’s one thing that South Carolina doesn’t lack and that’s pride; whether it’s college football teams, our history or our beautiful cities and towns. We’re also a very competitive state and sometimes find ourselves competing with one another. Yet here is a case where the state’s top research universities and largest health systems have set aside pride and competitive differences to advance the economic well being of our state. For their vision, Health Sciences South Carolina is recognized as the recipient of the 2005 Palmetto Vision Award,” Whittle said.

“By pooling resources—financial, intellectual, bricks and mortar—Health Sciences South Carolina has succeeded in laying the foundation for a knowledge-based economy. Equally impressive, in just 19 months, HSSC has established three SmartState Centers of Economic; assisted in the integration of the MUSC and USC colleges of pharmacy into a stronger, statewide entity with greater capacity to educate and train pharmacists; and is leading the development of three research campuses in Charleston, Columbia and Greenville. The progress being made by HSSC in our state is truly amazing,” Whittle said.


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