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Preventing Avoidable Readmission Together (PART) Program Established with SCHA


In 2013, Health Sciences South Carolina (HSSC) established the Preventing Avoidable Readmission Together (PART) initiative with the South Carolina Hospital Association. This initiative is designed to help South Carolina healthcare providers significantly reduce readmissions and improve care transition. A leadership team from participating organizations designed a two-year, five-part program to achieve the goal of reducing hospital readmission and reducing costs for healthcare systems and patients.

Hospitals will participate in a statewide learning session. This will be followed by a three-month planning session where the group will form multidisciplinary teams, discharge strategies and root cause analysis. Once teams are created and plans devised, three action periods will commence. First, participants will implement transitional records and educate patients. The second phase involves providing timelines and high quality discharge summaries. Lastly, participants will center on improving the follow-up and post-discharge process.


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