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Preventing Hospital Readmissions: A $25 Billion Opportunity


Hospital readmissions are a costly problem for the U.S. healthcare system. By some estimates, preventing hospital readmissions could save upwards of $25 billion annually. Medicare alone reports spending $17.7 billion a year on patients whose return trip to the hospital could have been avoided.

There are a number of reasons for readmission, including preventable medical errors during the hospital stay. Often, readmissions are the result of patients and their care community (family, friends) either having little or no access to effective post-hospital follow-up care or not understanding their care plan upon discharge.

To change this, HSSC co-founded the Preventing Avoidable Readmissions Together (PART) program with BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina and the South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA). The PART program supports hospitals as they seek to reduce avoidable readmissions and improve communication between patients and providers. Currently, 57 of the state’s 64 acute care hospitals and more than 200 other health organizations participate in PART. Efforts include technical assistance to hospitals that helps improve the transition process for provider and patients from hospital to home.

In just two years, South Carolina hospitals in PART have reduced readmissions by 15 percent, saving some $14 million. The positive effect on patients and their family members is priceless.


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