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RPMS addresses the challenge of patient trust and research participant recruitment by replacing current paper-based methods and simplifying the collection and management of informed consents and research permissions that accrue to an individual through their direct and indirect interactions with the research enterprise. 

This novel approached has gained the interest of many healthcare and research facilities. To better share this new technique, a number of publications were made by HSSC staff and supporting members. 

The RPMS software is available for download here.


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Obeid JS, Gerken K, Madathil KC, Rugg D, Alstad CE, Fryar K, Alexander R, Gramopadhye AK, Moskowitz J, Sanderson IC. Development of an electronic research permissions management system to enhance informed consents and capture research authorizations data. AMIA Jt Summits Transl Sci Proc. 2013; 2013:189-93.

Obeid J, Gabriel D, Sanderson I. A Biomedical Research Permissions Ontology: Cognitive and Knowledge Representation Considerations. Proc Gov Technol Inf Policies (2010). 2010 Dec; 2010:9-13.

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