Hospital Rooms of the Future Today

November 11, 2008

Hospital patients of today are more critically ill than in the past and require more monitoring by technology and caregivers. Yet patients and family members still want a modicum of privacy. Clemson University and Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System are working together to design, test, and implement the next generation of hospital rooms that enable physicians, nurses, and others to monitor and treat patients at a very high level while preserving the patient’s dignity and personal space needs. South Carolina’s hospital patients won’t have to wait long for the “hospital room of the future” as Spartanburg Regional is incorporating groundbreaking designs and features at its Village at Pelham Hospital, a 48-bed hospital in Greer. According to Spartanburg Regional CEO and President Ingo Angermeier, Village Hospital is the first in the nation to combine design, building and on-going testing.

“Since the hospital opened in October 2008, we have been evaluating staff and patient interaction with the architecture, equipment and supplies. In this way, we will determine what creates a better, safer, environment and has the potential to be the new data based standard in hospital facilities design,” Angermeier said.