The Duke Endowment Awards $11.25 Million Grant to HSSC

October 19, 2011

On October 19, 2011, leaders from HSSC, The Duke Endowment, and the state gathered in Columbia to announce significant news for the future of health care in South Carolina. The Duke Endowment awarded a $11.25 million to HSSC to continue driving healthcare innovation in the Palmetto State, while boosting the economy and creating healthier citizens.

HSSC President and CEO Jay Moskowitz said the grant will help HSSC continue to improve health, health care and health research in South Carolina. “With the support of The Duke Endowment, we can translate research discoveries into improved delivery and care models and healthier lifestyles that will benefit not only South Carolinians, but all of humanity.”

The grant was the second multi-million dollar grant awarded by The Duke Endowment to HSSC. Endowment trustees are impressed with HSSC’s vision and commitment from its member organizations to share knowledge and to work together. Neil Williams, chairman of the Endowment’s trustees, said, “Through this new investment, we believe South Carolina has a chance to bolster leading-edge programs and impact pressing health issues. It will help HSSC continue its vital role in making good health possible in South Carolina.”

The Duke Endowment funding will enable HSSC to build on its existing health informatics infrastructure and move in a new strategic direction focused both on research and on translating that research into better clinical care across the state. The grant supports HSSC’s efforts to continue to build and implement a healthcare information technology and clinical trials network in South Carolina. The central feature is a statewide Clinical Data Warehouse, which will compile real-time clinical data from across HSSC’s member hospitals. This will not only make research more efficient, but also allow medical teams to use clinical data to make evidence-based decisions, resulting in better patient care. In addition, it will help South Carolina attract clinical trials, which can benefit patients and bring economic activity to the state.

Additionally, HSSC can play a role in containing and reducing healthcare costs in South Carolina.

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