Health Sciences South Carolina Establishes Guidelines for Investigational Drug Research

October 11, 2006

Each year, researchers at HSSC member organizations conduct hundreds of clinical trials to discover new and better ways to combat disease. To ensure research integrity and the safety of those taking experimental drugs and those dispensing them, the HSSC Pharmacy Committee established standardized guidelines in 2006 for all drug-related clinical research conducted by HSSC member organizations.

The guidelines are outlined in a white paper published by the HSSC Pharmacy Committee entitled, Best Practices for Investigational Drug Services at South Carolina Hospitals.

HSSC’s investigational drug research guidelines are essential to fostering a safe and successful environment for drug research in South Carolina, said Fredrick H. Bender, chairman, HSSC Pharmacy Committee. “Clinical research conducted on humans must adhere to strict ethical, legal and scientific standards. As the numbers of research projects grows among HSSC member organizations, it is incumbent upon us to adopt clear, uniform guidelines for our researchers and pharmacists to follow. This ensures our research is credible and the safety of our research subjects (patients) and employees is protected,” Bender said.


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