HSSC Helps Establish SmartState® Centers in Healthcare Facilities Design & Testing and Stroke

October 10, 2007

The SmartState Review Board voted June 18, 2007, to fund five new SmartState® Centers of Economic Excellence, two of which will be HSSC funded.

The SmartCenter Center in Health Facilities Design and Testing is a collaboration between Clemson University and the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), and focuses on research addressing how healthcare environments affect clinical outcomes, operational efficiencies, patient and staff satisfaction. The Center will have two endowed chairs: a Clemson-based chair in healthcare architecture and an MUSC-based chair in human factors research in clinical practice.

HSSC will provide $5 million in matching funds to the SmartState® Center in Health Facilities Design and Testing. Berchtold Corporation, a global company based in South Carolina, has pledged to support the initiative.

The SmartState Center in Stroke aims to strengthen clinical care and basic stroke research in South Carolina. Several planned areas of research are novel for the field of stroke medicine, including post-stroke dementia and juvenile stroke.

The SmartState Center in Stroke has three endowed chairs in translational stroke research (MUSC), translational neurology (USC) and clinical neurology (MUSC). MUSC and USC's partners in the Center include Greenville Health System (GHS) and the Greenwood Genetics Center.