Two New SmartState® Centers Created with HSSC’s Help: Childhood Neurotherapeutics and Molecular Proteomics in Cardiovascular Disease and Prevention

June 7, 2006

HSSC is helping to make Good Health Possible by pledging to invest in two new SmartState® Center: the Center for Childhood Neurotherapeutics and the Center of Molecular Proteomics for Cardiovascular Disease.

The Center for Childhood Neurotherapeutics will use advances in pharmacogenetics, metabolic disorders, and neuroinflammatory diseases to study neurological disorders in children. Research is focused on preventing brain damage in premature infants (neuroprotection) and curing infant brain diseases through cellular engineering.

In collaboration with the Greenville Health System, the Center operates a statewide team to develop neural stem cell therapeutic approaches to neurological disorders in children. Neural stem cells have recently been identified as having high repair capacity, particularly during development. This important scientific discovery will allow the Center to contribute to the treatment of these disorders and transfer research knowledge directly to patient applications.

The Center for Molecular Proteomics in Cardiovascular Disease and Prevention Center will work to translate advances in cardiovascular prevention and treatment bench”science into clinical bedside care. This Center has five initial goals: developing measurement systems to detect early indicators of heart failure; relating diagnostic protein signatures to clinical outcomes; developing therapeutic management strategies; creating a statewide network to develop, test, and improve clinical care of heart failure; and transferring technology into new South Carolina industries.