Councils and Committees

Quality Care and Patient Safety Council

The council creates the environment for successful statewide collaborative investigations and evidence-based practice by 1) bringing key stakeholders together, 2) defining and prioritizing common healthcare challenges in South Carolina, 3) identifying gaps in knowledge and practice, 4) developing research ideas, 5) coordinating the resources, 6) facilitating funding efforts, 7) monitoring progress, and 8) ensuring dissemination of new knowledge.

Members of the council include representatives of HSSC Supported Organizations, key state agency and partner organizations, and other subject matter experts dependent on projects for discussion and review.



Helmut Albrech, MD
Professor of Clinical Internal Medicine and Director of Division of Infectious Diseases, School of Medicine

Robert Axon, MD
Assistant Professor

Charles Bennett,, MD, PhD, MPP
Professor and Chair of Medication, Safety, & Efficacy Center, SC College of Pharmacy

Brandon Bookstaver, PharmD, BCPS
Clinical Specialist and Assistant Professor of Infection Diseases and Clinical Pharmacy

Patrick J. Crawley, MD, MBA
Executive Medical Director

Stephanie Cox, RN, MPA
Director of Quality Management

Richard Foster, MD
Executive Director of Catalyst for Health

Anand Gramopadhye
Dean of Engineering and Science

D. Nelson Gunter, MD, MPH, CPHQ
Physician Advisor for Clinical Excellence

Donna Isgett
Vice President of Clinical Effectiveness and Quality

William Jennings
System Vice President and Medical Informatics Officer

Thomas Kayrouz
Vice President of Medical Affairs

Kevin Taaffe, PhD
Associate Professor