Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs answer questions about HSSC, our funding, our work, and those who support us. If you have remaining questions, please feel free to reach out to us using the contact form located at the end of this page. 

Question What is Health Sciences South Carolina?

Health Sciences South Carolina (HSSC) is the nation's only statewide biomedical research collaborative and is committed to transforming South Carolina's public health and economic well-being through research. The members of the collaboration include Clemson University, Palmetto Health, Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, the Medical University of South Carolina, the University of South Carolina, AnMed Health, McLeod Health, and Self Regional Healthcare.


Question What is it that HSSC specifically does?

The mission of HSSC is to support our members in improving the health of all South Carolinians by collaborating across the state of South Carolina with the goal of enabling evidence-based research.

  • HSSC will achieve this by:
    • Creating a unique and comprehensive clinical data store which collects data from providers, enhances its usability, and makes it available in an easily accessible form for participants to use for clinical improvement and research purposes;
    • Developing and deploying information management tools that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of each member institutions research processes, including the ability of researchers across South Carolina to collaborate;
    • Serving as a convener for the identification, preparation, development and implementation of innovative collaborative research initiatives which have the potential for improving the health of South Carolinians through evidence-based biological and clinical research informed by care givers, patients, and providers.

Through its role as a collaborative organization, HSSC will engage and encourage its members to create and develop new products, new jobs, and new industries that positively impact economic growth; contain and reduce health care costs; minimize health care disparities; improve patient safety and effectiveness; impove access to health care services; and improve the patient care experience.

  • HSSC is a statewide organization; its headquarters are located at 1320 Main Street, Suite 625, Columbia, SC  29201.
  • HSSC also has four regional offices:
    • IT Services: 1320 Main Street, Suite 205, Columbia, SC 29201
    • Bioinformatics: 55 Bee Street, Charleston, SC 29425
    • Economic Development: 200 Patewood Drive, Room 4127 4C, Greenville, SC 29615
Question Who are HSSC’s supporting organizations?

Our supported organizations are AnMed Health, Clemson University, Greenville Health System, McLeod Health, Medical University of South Carolina, MUSC Health, Palmetto Health, Self Regional Healthcare System, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, University of South Carolina, and University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville. These organizations provide support for the SmartState program and HSSC’s Centers of Economic Excellence.


Question Where does HSSC’s funding come from?

Federal grants, foundation grants, and from supported organizations.


Question Does HSSC offer grants? If so, are they offered to organizations other than HSSC members?

HSSC does not offer grants. Some funding for concept and development initiatives are presented to member organizations, peer reviewed, and awarded on a one-time basis.


Question What kind of an organization is HSSC? What is its tax status?

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


Question What committees does HSSC have and who serves on them?

HSSC has various committees whose members work to improve public health in South Carolina. See the Councils and Committees page.


Question Does HSSC conduct multi-center clinical trials?

Yes, HSSC’s supported organizations have the capability to coordinate joint activities for clinical trials and behavioral studies. Contact HSSC directly for more information.

Question Does HSSC provide any health-related training?

No, HSSC’s member universities lead all health care–related training and education efforts. However, HSSC actively supports the universities’ activities and participates when requested.


Question Does HSSC have strategic alliances?

Yes, HSSC has formed alliances with the South Carolina Hospital Association, the South Carolina Medical Association, The Duke Endowment, the South Carolina SmartState™ Program, and Siemens Medical. In addition to participating in these formal alliances, HSSC collaborates with a wide array of organizations on various projects.


Question Have there been new companies formed as a result of HSSC?

Yes, SimTunes, LLC, is a spinoff company that formed as a result of support from HSSC. SimTunes was formed by Heyward Coleman and Dr. John Schaefer in 2008 to create and commercialize innovative simulation educational technology for training physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals. For more information contact Mr. Coleman at 843.792.8365 or read about the SmartState Center in Clinical Effectiveness and Patient Safety.


Question I am a hospital director. How can my organization become a member of HSSC?

Please complete the contact form located at the bottom of this page.

Question I would like to work with HSSC—whom should I contact?

Please visit the Careers at HSSC page or complete the contact form located at the bottom of this page.

Question Is HSSC hiring?

Visit our Careers at HSSC page or complete the contact form located at the bottom of this page.


Question Does HSSC support interns?

HSSC does hire interns on occasion to assist with special projects. If you are interested in learning more about our internship opportunities please complete the contact form located at the bottom of this page.


Question What is HSSC’s relationship to the Medical University of South Carolina’s Clinical and Translational Research Institute?

HSSC and the South Carolina Clinical and Translational Research Institute (SCTR) work closely together in several ways. One of the key ways they work together is by sharing a group of project management, informatics, and development resources that are focused on serving both HSSC and SCTR. This shared group works on projects that are funded by both organizations. This is a very effective arrangement for multiple reasons:

  1. Many of the SCTR projects are needed by HSSC institutions as a whole. In these cases we develop and roll out an application to SCTR, then, once it is stable, we roll that application out to the rest of the HSSC institutions. A good example of this is SCresearch.org.
  2. Because of the combined funding and projects from both organizations, we’ve been able to build a very talented core of resources that can address the needs of both organizations.
  3. The combined project management, informatics, and development group serves as a coordination point between the two organizations to ensure that effort is not duplicated.
Question How can I learn more about HSSC-related researchers and research?

Visit the initiatives section on our website, or view our annual report.


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