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Big Data (Clinical Data Warehouse)

The Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW) is composed of data from 2007 to present and encompasses approximately 2.8 million individual patients of all ages from across South Carolina, including inpatient, outpatient, and emergency department encounters, diagnoses and procedures, medication orders and administrations, laboratory results, and height/weight measurements The CDW has been deployed for research purposes, but the architecture also supports secondary uses for aggregated or non-aggregated data, including clinical data marts that individual members can deploy for their unique purposes. Clinical data marts are an example of optional services that HSSC can provide that leverage the information infrastructure. The architecture is designed to protect patient privacy, confidentiality and data security.


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The CDW provides clear pathways for data requests with full regulatory compliance and accelerates our translational research programs, which will lead to new diagnostic tools and therapies for a range of diseases. The data warehouse is also invaluable to researchers studying rare conditions that affect underrepresented populations.

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CDW Patient Data 1993-2014

The Clinical Data Warehouse contains a total of 2,737,123 patients with clinical visit data. 

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