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Carolinas Collaborative is a collaborative founded expressly for the purpose of uniting healthcare institutions, universities and communities across North Carolina and South Carolina to enhance the quality of healthcare and accelerate advances in research. This dual state learning health community brings together research universities and healthcare systems across the Carolinas to create an environment that empowers action through access to data, comparative analytics and technical expertise, uplifting health across the Carolinas.


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The Carolinas Collaborative includes HSSC and its supported organizations along with Duke University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH), and Wake Forest Baptist Health. The goal of the Carolinas Collaborative is to create an interstate Learning Health Community, just as HSSC has done in South Carolina, with a culture of convening and sharing of research and tools including the statewide Clinical Data Warehouse.

At the heart of the Carolinas Collaborative is a multi-state, federated data system that consists of a common data model. During research queries, the data is “gathered” by an information technology tool developed at Harvard University called Shared Health Research Information Network, or SHRINE.

The Carolinas Learning Health Community leverages the strengths of individual organizations and also creates a shared research infrastructure that is available to clinicians and researchers in both states. By spreading South Carolina’s successful Learning Health Community model to the entire Carolinas region, both states will become even more competitive for research funding. In the long run, increased research will lead to the discovery of new care methods, better health, improved quality, and more efficient health systems overall.

The Carolinas Collaborative is already engaged in a number of major foundation and federal proposals and research projects that target common health needs in both of our states -- everything from understanding emerging health system models to plugging into national health data networks. The Carolinas Collaborative is committed to doing research together, making discoveries together, and finding the best way to put those discoveries into local practice.

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