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DaRT – Cutting-edge HSSC Resources & Tools Training

The HSSC Data Resources and Tools (DaRT) for Clinical Research training is offered at no cost to clinicians and researchers to enhance their research toolbox. HSSC is a one-stop-shop that provides incredible research tools as well as a vast amount of statewide patient data through its Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW). Our research infrastructure can take your clinical research ideas to the next level.


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Why Are We Doing It

Providing key infrastructure and facilitating collaborations to support health care clinicians and researchers is core to HSSC’s mission.  HSSC offers the DaRT training to accelerate and enhance clinical research, which can ultimately improve the lives of South Carolinians.

Each DaRT training focuses on the range of cutting-edge research resources HSSC provides its members and is modified to meet the needs of its audience. Attendees learn about the HSSC eIRB Platform and Palmetto Profiles, which links professionals with shared interests, as well as SCResearch.org, which matches patients with relevant clinical trials in the area. The training program can also include information about REDCap, a secure survey and data collection tool and a Geographic Information System, which can present geographical data for analysis.  Perhaps the most compelling portion of the training educates individuals about HSSC’s Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW), which houses data from 3.8 million patients served at multiple hospital systems across the state. The training also includes step-by-step instructions  on how to request CDW data and how to use the Informatics for Integrating Biology and Bedside (i2b2) query tool.

HSSC is committed to supporting researchers across the state and has held multiple trainings, with over 250 registered attendees. Please click here to view and register for our upcoming training opportunities.

You may also submit a request to host a DaRT training session at your institution or department. Simply use the contact form located at the end of this page or email HSSCinfo@healthsciencessc.org 

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