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Electronic Institutional Review Board (eIRB)

Human Subjects Research requires review by an Institutional Review Board (IRB). We have built a web-based application, the eIRB, that handles the entire process.  From the study application to the approval letter, our robust application delivers the workflow and the communication to get the job done.  Seven institutions across South Carolina depend on our eIRB for their Human Subjects Research review.


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Why We Are Doing It

The eIRB facilitates collaboration among the South Carolina institutions. The applications share 80% of the pages in common, although are customized for each institution. HSSC’s implementation of the eIRB brings the benefit of electronic processing to each of our institutions. The economy of scale allows each institution to use a current state-of-the-art application with full hardware and software support at a very competitive cost.

Measuring Success

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New Studies Created per Year

Since going live in 2008, over 12,000 studies have been created in eIRB.

*2016 numbers include January through April


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