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HSSC's Atrium is a tool under development by Health Sciences South Carolina. Its goal is to facilitate collaborative work by enabling faster information dissemination, better communication, and easier program oversight. Users and communities will have the ability to create calendars, share materials such as documents or videos, and even assign tasks with notification reminders. Overall, Atrium will offer communities and working groups the tools they need in order to accomplish their goals in an efficient way. Once their goals are accomplished, communities will be able to share their findings with the rest of Atrium or publicly in order to celebrate their work as well as communicate outcomes. As we move towards an age of collaboration in research, Atrium will become an essential tool to Making Good Health Possible™.


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HSSC is a collaborative organization. As such, we work with many organizations all of whom do things a little differently from one another. When a group or community is spending their time searching or organizing their information, they cannot use that time to work towards their goals. In this sense, these daily hassles can impede results.

HSSC's Atrium will act as a unifying ground between members of working groups and communities to ensure that everyone can easily find what they need and communicate with each other about what needs to be achieved. By simplifying the process to getting work done, HSSC is enabling these groups and communities to spend their time doing what matters to them. 

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