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The Carolinas Collaborative is a dual state learning health community that is the first of its kind in the nation. It brings together research universities and healthcare systems across the Carolinas. The goal of this collaborative is to create an environment that empowers action through access to data, comparative analytics and technical expertise, uplifting all residents of the Carolinas.

The members of the Carolinas Collaborative are: Health Sciences South Carolina, Duke University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Wake Forest Baptist Health. This initiative is managed by Health Sciences South Carolina and is made possible through a generous grant from The Duke Endowment.

The purpose of this site is to provide a venue to share information about the Carolinas Collaborative and our findings to the public, provide an access point for members and enable organizations to request to join us. The site also assists researchers and others interested in working with us on projects or requesting data for studies that are focused on improving the health of the residents of the Carolinas.

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