Our Supporters

The Duke Endowment

The Duke Endowment is a major supporter of HSSC. A private foundation headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, The Duke Endowment was established in 1924 to help the people of the Carolinas in four areas: child care, education, healthcare, and rural churches.

The Duke Endowment has awarded HSSC three grants in excess of $47.5 million dollars over the last decade. In 2006, the Endowment presented HSSC with a three-year, $21 million grant, the largest award ever made by the its healthcare division. The grant supported the establishment of the SmartState® Centers of Economic Excellence in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety and Clinical Effectiveness, and funded other HSSC initiatives. In 2011, The Duke Endowment presented HSSC with a second grant of $11.25 million to build health research infrastructure that today serves as the foundation of a statewide learning healthcare system. In 2015, The Endowment presented a third grant to HSSC in the amount of $15.3 million to extend the collaborative research and infrastructure established by HSSC into a South Carolina-North Carolina learning health community to address chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke, and heart disease that plague citizens of both states. Thanks to the generosity and vision of The Duke Endowment, collaborative research conducted by the leading research universities and health systems in the Carolinas has the power to effect positive change for the citizens of both states.

HSSC is forever grateful to The Duke Endowment for its investment, trust, counsel, and confidence in our organization. Such generosity helps make good health possible for the Carolinas!

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