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South Carolina Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office

With Act 121 of 2014, the South Carolina Legislature established the Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office (RFA) governed by the three appointed members of the Board of Economic Advisors. Three entities under the Budget and Control Board were combined under the 2014 Restructuring Act to form RFA. These three entities were the Board of Economic Advisors (BEA), the Office of Research and Statistics (ORS), and the Office of State Budget (OSB).

Currently, RFA consists of seven major sections. Two sections, Business Services and Information Technology Services provide the internal support and the business and technology services for the office. The other five sections operate the major program services and functions. These sections include, the Board of Economic Advisors, Budget Development, Economic Research, Health and Demographics, and Mapping and Census. The Mapping and Census section includes several distinct sub-sections: Geodetic Survey, Digital Cartography, Wireless E911, and Census population and estimates. RFA sections are responsible for providing a diverse set of economic data and research and analysis reports for the Governor, General Assembly, state and local government entities, and the private sector.

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