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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

With the creation of AccessHealth SC  in 2008, there is now a statewide effort that encourages and supports the creations of community-based networks of care. Networks are composed of a broad range of healthcare providers and other health-related resources working in collaboration to leverage resources and align services. They provide uninsured South Carolinians a coordinated approach to care. Network partners can include hospitals, free clinics, certified rural health clinics, community health centers, physicians, medication providers, behavioral health providers and local health departments.

Community networks are a "big picture" solution. The goal is to provide participants with a medical home that gives ongoing access to a primary care team to address preventive care, specialty care, dental and behavioral care, non-emergent hospital care, and medications. The network helps ensure the patient gets the right care in the right place and at the right time. This approach addresses the patient's ongoing preventive, chronic, and acute healthcare and medication needs; improves utilization of healthcare services; improves the individual's health quality of life; and enhances the health and wellbeing of communities at large.

While community networks and their partners benefit greatly from AccessHealth SC's support, guidance and sharing of best practices, they address the uninsured issue in a localized manner, serving as an easy-to-access, centralized healthcare resource for the uninsured in their community.

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