Biostatistics Services & Analysis

Our experienced biostaticians are available to assist with all statistical needs. Whether you need help determining how to best analyze your data or would like someone to teach your research team how to perform complex statistical analyses, HSSC is here to support you and your research.


Services range from brief professional consultations to the development of new statistical methods. HSSC collaborates on the framing of hypotheses, development of study designs, selection of statistical methods, performance of statistical computations, interpretive analyses, research database management consultation, and the support of grant applications, journal articles, and presentations. HSSC provides training and development activities for new investigators and advance applied methodological research related to collaborative efforts. Investigators should contact HSSC in the earliest stage of new research efforts and well in advance of deadlines for grant applications, abstract submissions, and protocol development.

Request Consultation

If you would like to request a consultation from one of our biostaticians, please complete this form. Provide a detailed explanation of your needs to ensure we have the information needed to assist you.