Palmetto Profiles

Palmetto Profiles allows users to explore networking opportunities among HSSC member organizations to enable collaborative research.


Palmetto Profiles is a researcher profile web application that helps users discover research expertise within HSSC member organizations to promote collaborative research in South Carolina. Palmetto Profiles enables the creation of online bios, which enhances the visibility of faculty on search engines, and supports the identification of potential collaborators, researchers, experts, and mentors. Palmetto Profiles several visualization tools to browse collaboration networks, view timelines of publication keywords and word clouds, and other tools help facilitate the discovery of research networks, team formation, and networking between the research community and industry.

How to use Palmetto Profiles

Members of our supported organizations can be added to Palmetto Profiles. If you have any problems logging in or updating your profile, please look over our frequently asked questions or fill out a “Request Information” form located below.

Question Who can view Palmetto Profiles?

Palmetto Profiles is searchable on the web so it can be viewed by the general public in addition to the Palmetto community.

Question Who is listed on Palmetto Profiles?

Palmetto Profiles was created for research networking and initially focused on adding faculty members, researchers with academic leadership appointments, residents, postdoctoral scholars, and non-faculty academic researchers. We are happy to include research staff and other individuals in the community, on request and if possible.

Question How frequently is the data in Palmetto Profiles updated?

Changes made to your primary campus information via your HR representative, such as names, degrees, and contact information are updated weekly.Changes made to a profile manually will be reflected immediately. Publications are added from PubMed weekly.

Request Information

Do you still have a question about Palmetto Profiles? Please complete the following form and we will respond promptly. Please provide a detailed query to ensure that we have the information needed to assist you.