Use REDCap to capture information through surveys or by creating a database.


REDcap is a self-service tool available for surveys as well as data acquisition, capture, and management, and is provided to any approved user in the HSSC collaborative. The survey tool allows for various survey scenarios, including conditional logic, data uploads, and advanced formatting. All data are stored on a secure server and can be exported to formats useful to researchers for statistical analysis.

How to use REDCap

After logging into REDCap, a “Training Resources” tab is available and includes videos to help you get started, build a project and more. These resources are accessible without logging into the system at:

Question Who can access HSSC’s REDCap?

If you are a affiliated with any of our supported organizations, you are eligible to access REDCap through HSSC. 

Question Which login credentials should I use to access REDCap?

HSSC’s REDCap utilizes our federated login. First select your institution from the dropdown menu, and you will then be given further information on the credentials required for your organization to access REDCap.

Question Does HSSC offer any in-person training?

HSSC does not currently offer in-person training but we encourage you to use the numerous training modules and videos available directly from REDCap.

Question How much experience with programming, networking and/or database construction is required to use and design EDC tools in REDCap?

No programming, networking or database experience is needed to use REDCap. Simple design interfaces within REDCap handle all of these details automatically.

Question How do I access the collected data for advanced analysis?

Data from your study can be easily exported into Microsoft Excel and analysis packages such as SPSS, SAS, R, and STATA.

Question Who should I contact if I have run into any problems?

If you require assistance or have any questions about REDCap, please contact our REDCap Administrator.

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