Secure Workspace

The HSSC Secure Workspace is currently under construction. Once completed, it will offer researchers convenience and peace of mind when working with highly sensitive data. Equipped with the widely used software for data exploration, analysis and plotting, researchers have the opportunity to request that new programs be added to their individual workspace to allow them to complete their work. All of this takes place on a remote cloud-based workstation built specifically to secure data and identities.


The HSSC Secure Workspace is under construction and will provide a combination of a secure, centralized information infrastructure and several virtualization/data leakage protection technologies to allow researchers to easily utilize research data, while ensuring sensitive patient information remains in a secured environment. Authorized researchers may use the secure workspace from their local computing devices over a secure network connection containing data provisioned to them on a pre-approved basis. The Secure Workspace will provide researchers access to standard analytical software packages for working with data as well as storage space for saving output files securely, facilitating protected data sharing between multiple institutions, and allowing secure collaborations among research groups. This system combines ease of use with data security and will soon be fully available to all HSSC-approved researchers.

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