Health Sciences South Carolina (HSSC) is a public/private health organization established in 2004 as the first statewide health data and research collaborative in the United States. The collaborative was formed with the vision of transforming the state's public health and economic wellbeing through research. HSSC enables multi-institutional health research through its Clinical Data Warehouse and associated governance and research tools.

What We Do

HSSC’s mission is to support our member universities and health systems in improving the health of all South Carolinians through our unique statewide collaborative and by enabling evidence-based research. HSSC engages and encourages our member organizations and other like-minded groups to improve the health and economic wellbeing of the State of South Carolina by containing and reducing healthcare costs, minimizing healthcare disparities, improving healthcare quality, patient safety and effectiveness; increasing access to healthcare services, and improving the patient care experience.

Our Innovations

What We Provide

HSSC offers a wide variety of services and tools to researchers, clinicians, and health systems to support research studies, quality improvement and health system improvement initiatives. Data planning, generation, and administration are also available through HSSC. Expert biostatisticians and clinicians assist in experimental design, data acquisition, analysis, modeling and reporting, as well as in identification and pursuit of collaborative grants and other opportunities, using HSSC collaborative tools and systems including the Clinical Data Warehouse, i2b2, Redcap, Palmetto Profiles, RPMS, e-IRB, Governance,, SAS, Diver, ArcGIS, and other external sources.

Tools & Services

Researchers / Research Organizations


This comprehensive suite of tools is available for researchers to identify potential collaborators, assess data for targeted population size, conduct surveys, perform analysis, and obtain support for the eIRB process.


HSSC provides a wide range of services that span the research lifecycle from pre-submission to data collection and merging to analytics and dissemination.

Clinicians / Health Care Systems


This comprehensive suite of tools supports clinical work, including the ability to assess targeted population size, execute surveys, conduct clinical analytics, and produce geospatial visualizations.


To support health care, HSSC provides a wide range of services that span the quality improvement lifecycle from linking data to benchmarking to clinical analytics.

Communities / Consumers


HSSC provides tools to benefit healthcare consumers and communities to identify clinical trials within the state. This is a valuable resource for anyone interested in identifying research opportunities, locating contact information for inquiries, or managing enrollment. Individuals can subscribe to receive information about areas of interest in an ongoing manner.


HSSC provides communities and consumers with data services, facilitates collaboration with researchers and healthcare organizations, and provides strong governance mechanisms to protect sensitive information.

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