Our Mission

The mission of HSSC is to support our members in improving the health of all South Carolinians by collaborating across the state of South Carolina through enabling evidence-based research.

HSSC will achieve this by:


Creating a unique and comprehensive clinical data store that collects data from providers, enhances its usability, and makes it available in an easily accessible form for approved users to employ for clinical improvement and research purposes;


Developing and deploying information management tools that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of each member institution’s research processes, including the ability of researchers across South Carolina to collaborate; and


Serving as a convener for the identification, preparation, development and implementation of innovative collaborative research initiatives that have the potential for improving the health of South Carolinians through evidence-based biological and clinical research informed by caregivers, patients and providers.
Through our role as a collaborative organization, HSSC engages and encourages our members to create and develop new products, industries and jobs that positively impact economic growth; contain and reduce healthcare costs; minimize healthcare disparities; improve patient safety and effectiveness; improve access to healthcare services; and improve the patient care experience.
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