HSSC Supports New Technology Center to Enhance Healthful Lifestyles

October 9, 2009

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, South Carolina ranks sixth in the nation in obesity and seventh in diabetes. Itʼs chronic diseases like these that have caused the stateʼs public health and its economy to suffer. Health Sciences South Carolina (HSSC) is supporting the new Technology Center to Enhance Healthful Lifestyles to address this serious issue. This SmartState® Center will focus on developing new technologies for improving health, preventing illnesses and successfully managing chronic health problems.

HSSC President and CEO Jay Moskowitz, PhD, says, “Healthier lifestyles are the first step to improving our stateʼs health status and its economy. This new Center will bring about new ideas and technologies that will help South Carolinians become healthier and thus more productive at home and work. This, in turn, will make our state more attractive to companies relocating to South Carolina. Because chronic diseases challenge many states, any new technologies that emerge from this Center have commercial potential across the country.”

Press Release