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Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina

HSSC is an active member of the Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina, which is a coalition of over 50 executive leaders - from a wide range of organizations across the state - all seeking to improve health in South Carolina.  The Alliance is built on the collective impact model created to minimize duplication and maximize impact in health outcomes for ALL people in South Carolina.  HSSC Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Christine Turley is a member of the Alliance Operations and Health Disparities Teams, which help the Alliance align efforts with its member organizations. This coalition engages with leaders across the state and works to improve health outcomes which are core components of HSSC’s mission.


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Why We Are Involved

South Carolina has significant economic, racial and geographic disparities, making it difficult for all of our citizens to live a healthy life.  Many of South Carolina’s health and research organizations have made it a goal to improve health in the state. The Alliance seeks to help coordinate these efforts and maximize the value of multi-system efforts.

The creation of the Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina brings together senior leaders from academia, businesses, consumers, providers, philanthropy, insurance, government, and policy. These leaders have created a statewide coalition of diverse organizations aiming to help South Carolinians have healthier bodies, minds, and communities, while reducing the future cost of care.

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